Ending 2014 with the an Untold Hero

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles. – Christopher Reeve 

She’s the girl that never asked for much, who always has the world on her shoulders and faces adversity with a smile.  She was the girl that didn’t believe she was beautiful  but her smile lit up an entire room. She’s the girl that she uses her throwback Thursday photos to help girls make better decisions about themselves and their image rather than help them feel discouraged.  She’s the girl that when she finds someones wallet she goes through all and every social network and person she knows to help the person find their wallet. Every day she lives her life through a mission and she honors someone with every breath she takes.

Her name is Ariana Visentini, she will probably get all teared up for me writing this but its okay I had to end 2014 by telling the truth about this girl. I met her in 2012 as a Junior at Iona College, she first reminded me of the freshman girl I used to be.  She just had that innocence and the purity in her that she wanted to be friends with everyone no matter how mean or nice they were. But  all you needed was to have one conversation with her for you to fall in love with her. I was working the desk at the residential halls when I first met Ariana Visentini, unfortunately I met her at one of her worst days she had found out her friend Jillian for whom was battling Leukemia for a while had passed away. And although Ariana was so distraught waiting for her mom to pick her up she was more concerned if she could get me any coffee, or something to just make my day better. I then just sat down and actually talked to her and the story she told me about her best friend was so inspiring it reminded me about my friend Elaine, who passed away in a car accident in 2010.

When I saw there was a way to donate to her friends fundly, I did it, I donated the last of my money to help out her friend’s family. I never met someone that was so moved by my action, she messaged me personally on Facebook and she was so moved. Since then we started talking more and became friends; I learned a lot about her life for the two years that I knew her and how she advocates for major causes such as Autism, Leukemia,  Suicide Prevention to be the least of the causes. Whenever I had a program happen she always came to support. When I or anyone needed to talk and she was sitting at the residential hall desk she never said no to talk to us. She always had a healing touch and made everyone feel better after talking to her.

10178009_10152803347519498_20605357568078276_n2013 was the start of  my senior year of college. I became the founder and President of the Hellenic Society at Iona , and during our meeting on what we should do our big fundraiser for, we decided to raise money for the fund that is made in Jillian Gorman (Ariana’s Friend) Honor. From there it was like going on a adventure with this girl we did relay for life together where she made me cry in more ways than one, and we raised over 1500$ for Greek Night for Jillian.  During these two events Ariana not only helped me help Mr. Gorman, his family, and the foundation but she brought back a spark in me that I lost after my best friend Elaine passed away.  Ive never been so proud to call this woman my partner in this project, my college colleague, and one of my best friends (also ironic we have the same birthday). This girl brought out the best in me within these last few years, she gave me hope when things were hopeless, made me see who were the good people in the world and who were bad.

Ariana has the gift to make people feel beautiful when they feel like they are ugly, she helps those who can not take care of themselves and she always put the good of others before herself. To me thats the definition of a hero, someone who does things and never asks for them in return. I am pretty sure I have an entire Iona College Campus vouching me on this right now! Where my Gaels Attt!!



“Community service is something very close to my heart. Whether it’s going on a mission trip or simply helping out around campus, helping others is something I am very passionate about.  One of the quotes I live by daily is:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Gandhi. – Ariana Visentini


Now you are probably wondering why am I writing this blog on the last day of 2014, well the beautiful Ariana is trying to raise money for her mission trip to Zambia Africa where she will be helping the less fortunate  by acting as servant-learners while working alongside the Christian Brothers and community partners on educational initiatives in Mazabuka. She is willing to sacrifice the summer of her 21st birthday and help those in need, so how about everyone make a sacrifice and take 20 dollars of the  hundreds of dollars you will be spending tonight on bottles, drugs, and whatever you guys spend your money on this new years eve take a minute and go to the GoFundMe page and help her fulfill her dream. 

People like her are one in a million, so let her fulfill her dream and let her Move The World. 

God Bless Everyone and Have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Welcome 2015 

To help Ariana go on her mission trip to Zambia go to http://www.gofundme.com/g7u4es



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