Power Couple works hard and dances their stresses away with Team Best Body

DSC_0596While most couples in their 20’s are going out to clubs, bars, even the occasional fraternity or sorority house for their weekly night out. This couple Dana Nguyen and Steven Perez, 26 spend their free time building an empire. The couple as I call them are the Mr. and Mrs. Smith of my generation they work their jobs during the day while at night they run a company called Team Best Body Fitness. Team Best Body Fitness is a modern day Zumba class that focuses on the wellness of the people that come to their Zumba classes from Monday – Saturday. Their Mission To engage the community in a positive, energetic, and fun fitness experience, starting with Zumba, Dance Cardio, & Total Body Fitness Work outs. (www.teambestbodyfitness.com)

Dana Nguyen who is the main founder and CEO of the company, started Team Best Body Fitness through her love of dance and working out. It started with her going to Zumba classes and falling in love with it; to later working her way up to getting her license as a Zumba instructor to later coming into the empowering realization to run her own business and to not work with a gym. According to Nguyen Team Best Body classes were once a week on Wednesdays for an entire year; when she noticed the increase in popularity of the classes she decided after a year to extend the classes Monday through Saturday.

Steven Perez who is the co-founder of Team Best Body Fitness runs a separate company which encompasses and assists Team Best Body Fitness called Wun Life #WunFitArmy where he works with his products from his marketing company Wake Up now and help create eight week programs for the Team Best Body customers to help them loose weight and help reach their fitness goals. Steven is now working to complete his licensing to become a personal trainer.

I became acquainted with the couple through Steven during my nightlife promotions working under Cesar Cabrera entertainment. After getting to know Steven I got to meet the beautiful Dana Nguyen and later on we collaborated on another project for the Artists for Creative Theatre. From that moment on it led to more collaborations for the Team Best Body Fitness Brand and my company Katie Kay Photography. After constantly hearing about Team Best Body Fitness I decided for myself to check these classes out after all the popularity it gained.







The class I went to on Monday was primarily Zumba taught by Nguyen with an extra bonus of a core training done by Perez.  First thing I noticed was the positive energy that the two people brought to the table. As you can tell Mondays are extremely dreading its the first day everyone is back at their jobs and they dread to go work out right after but because of the energy and the kindness that these two people brought to them everyone was so excited and full of life. Second thing I noticed was there was people of different types of people from short to tall, young, old, child, man, lady you name it. Everyone was treated equal and they were all friends and they treated those that were new like they were one of them.


As for the classes I can say they were intense but at the same time fun, as a former dancer I tried my best to keep up with Nguyen she went from salsa styles to a little hip hop to the usual and oh so lovable Danza Kaduro from Don Omar. Then the last twenty minutes of the class was taught by both Dana and Steven on core body training where there were wall sits, relay races, cardio i.e jumping jacks and other types of exercises that work your core.  I have been to many exercise classes in the process of loosing weight but I never been to any classes where the instructors gave you so much energy just by being in their presence. They not only did that but they made you feel like you were someone even if you had not been to their class before. They made you feel like you were one of their family and they never let you give up unlike some gym classes. They don’t worry about the dollar that they make from the classes they worry more to see if you are okay and if they can help make you to the best person you can be.

Dana and Steven are also on an 8 week media campaign to show people the benefits of eating healthy, by going on an eight week diet and posting their results and document everything they are eating that way they can help encourage the people coming to Team Best Body by showing them that they can do it and showing them the right things to eat. You can follow them on instagram @dana_steven or their Facebook http://www.facebook.com/teambestbody88

This is definitely something I recommend to my readers, and whoever else that is interested in weight loss and looking to make positive changes for their life.  The best part is if you don’t believe me you can sign up for a free class on http://www.teambestbodyfitness.com and you can see for yourself. I will be going on Monday’s Wednesday’s and Saturdays and you can see for yourself everything I just said today.

DSC_0259 “Dance like no ones watching, meaning when we party and dance we put our all into it and just have fun with our workout. For us its to live strong and happy thats our favorite quote and we live by that.” – Nguyen

For more information on the Zumba classes and how you can get involved with the team best body movement go to http://www.teambestbodyfitness.com



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