The New #HeavyHitter on the Block Dj Inferious


As a woman in nightlife I have encountered many people actors/actresses, artists, designers, business owners, promoters and Djs. But out of all these people I never met someone that can have a lasting impact on me like this young artist. His name you may ask is Fernando G. Jacome; but his stage name is Dj. Inferious.

The 21 year old from an old town in Ecuador moved to New York at an early age, with the blood and love for music flowing through his veins at an early age. He grew up with musical influences in his life the main one being his father; who was in the musical lifestyle throughout Fernando’s entire life. “Just seeing what my father did and the music he made, and the reactions people had to the music is my inspiration to my road to becoming a disk jockey.” – Jacome 

The young DJ since then always focused on his music, in 2007 he started listening to some of the greats such as Alex Sensation, DJ Jinx Paul, and even Queens greatest DJ Louie Minaya which became his main influences when creating his style as a DJ. Jacome’s goal as a DJ is to make people happy through his music, if he can have the entire club or party dancing and happy just by one song then he did his job.

You ask me now why am I writing about this young DJ; in a short time this young talent went from being nothing to being something completely spectacular. From meeting one of his icons and learning from him he developed his talent as a Dj to something the nightlife has ever seen. His passion for this business shows once his hand get on the turn tables and when he gets off the tables he feels like apart of him is missing. From working with his idol, he got to work with other great DJs such as DJ Rush One Dj Louie Minaya, as well as the Tristates own DJ Juano. He is now employed to work for Cesar Cabrera the head of all of the best nightlife promotions in NYC. The passion this young man brings is an inspiration to everyone.

He is a great talent and I feel like any club would be honored to book him, by this time next year he will become one of the #heavyhitters, You go Inferious show the nightlife who is the real heavy hitter!!



To see what DJ Inferious is about follow him on IG: @Djinferious
to hear his music go to:

for bookings contact Josef Ochoa at upscale


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