Why Betty White is my hero.



At the age of 22 we normally have those that are in public offices, those who are currently in music or television as an inspiration. Me who do I feel is an inspiration not only to me as a woman but as a business woman, well none other than Betty White. At the age of 93 she has had a successful television career, movie career, rap career, cooking line, and more recently she got to walk with Captain America himself Chris Evans and accept the award for the Peoples Choice Award for TV Icon. Not many people can say at the age of 93 they have this much going on, especially with the final season of Hot In Cleveland under wraps. First of all I don’t care what anyone says if your 93 still working and walking around, the fact that you have the sexy Captain America Chris Evans jumping out of his seat to help you and he’s pretty much 4x your age oh Betty you get them girl.

Betty White the native of Oak Park Illinois was born in 1922, she joined the entertainment business at the age of seventeen working with greats such as Johnny Carson, Bea Arthur, Mary Tyler Moore and the recently departed Joan Rivers. For the longest of her career she was the radio and TV host alongside Al Jarvis on the Al Jarvis Make Believe Ball Room , and in that same time she was doing Life with Elizabeth  a comedy sketch show where she played the role of Elizabeth. To later receiving her own show The Betty White Show .  More recently within the last 50 years Betty White has played the lovable Rose Nyland on the 80’s hit the Golden Girls with Bea Arthur, Estelle Getty, and Rue Mchlanahan. Found success on the Mary Tyler Moore Show and more recently she hosted comedy prank shows and joined another wonderful cast on Hot In Clevland. 

While most people in their 80’s and 90’s are just sitting and just enjoying their golden days and their retirement. Betty White is taking her knowledge as a comedian, actor, author, singer, television producer, rapper, voice actor, writer, presenter, and TV personality and builds an empire with it. Betty White is succeeding with a net worth of 45 million.  As a business woman and someone that looks to plan for their future I consider this woman as such a inspiration to women everywhere. She is a pioneer in women’s comedy showing people they can do it in a society where women are belittled but she shows that no matter how old you get you can do anything you put your mind to.


Betty your so awesome man!! 


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