Jason Pagan youngest in the business to start his own record label, helps artists become So Phenomenal!!



At 23 years old, Jason Pagan becomes the youngest person in the music industry to own his own entertainment company and record label. The 23 year old business tycoon and musical genius recently launched the new So Phenomenal Entertainment , helping his artists Be True, Be You, Be So Phenomenal, Catchy right!! So Phenomenal Entertainment went from a small label, to a full out entertainment company helping artists by providing their talent with holistic and forward-thinking management.Pagan believes that artists should stay true to their character and not just put a personal for sales or publicity.


  Pagan started SPE because of his unhappiness with the lack of talent in the entertainment industry. More over he was more upset with the music industry in general he believes that “major labors were becoming notorious with giving ‘slave deals’ to new up and coming artists; leaving the artists indebted for their whole careers.”  This became Pagan’s inspiration to turn So Phenomenal Entertainment from an independent record label to a full blown entertainment company. So that the artists can not only do what they love and perform but to also learn how to market themselves in the new age of technology, mixed with social media and business.
Pagan the young professional in the business always had a love for the business, but did not pursue it till the young age of thirteen. At the age of thirteen Pagan had dropped out of school to search for ways to pursue his dreams. He started to master his craft in music after following and learning from a producer who was dating his older sister. From there learning from the producer caused him to follow the passion for music, he believed it was better for him because it kept him off the streets and he really enjoyed what he was learning.
With the powerhouse he created in 2015 he also took on two very talented artists one of them being 21 year old Grizelle Rodriguez, and long time friend and colleague Oz. The three of them together from my observations is the perfect trifecta of the music industry.
About the Artists:
(biographies courtesy of So Phenomenal CEO Jason Pagan)

Grizelle is a 21 year old R&B singer and song-writer. Through heartbreaks, obstacles and life experiences, 251649_1725657592480_5324471_nher music is her personal way of healing. She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and spent 5 years in Florida but came back to New York at the age of 15 to pursue her music career. When she was younger she competed in national dance competitions, trained professionally in Hip-Hop, Ballet, Salsa, Jazz, and Tap. Her humble and down to earth personality is what makes her such an inspirational artist.
“Music is who I am, not whatI do. I don’t do this for fame, but I do want to be successful…as long as I can genuinely inspire someone through my music, then I will feel accomplished not only as an artist but as a musical hero..and to have passion for something like that, well thats a dream.” – Grizelle
courtesy of ice photography

courtesy of ice photography

Orlando Oz Ortiz grew up on 161st and Park Ave. in the Bronx, birthplace not only to him but the genre known as Hip Hop/Rap. He fondly refers to his neighborhood as “the poor side of Park” as a reference to the Park Ave. in Manhattan, where a lot of wealth is concentrated, contrasted to his upbringing that diluted with propaganda that drove people to try to live lives that could never be obtained. Oz was first exposed in music and developed an interest while still in junior high school. He stumbled upon a composition notebook that was filled with rhymes, thoughts, and ideas. As Oz read the book, he began to envision how his own career would take off. Thoughts of well-known artists such as Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, and the humble beginnings in which they come from to where they are now, flooded his mind and inspired him to strive for the same goal. Looking back on this time in his young life Oz is quoted as saying, “I realized everything begins on a very small and personal level.” Oz’s first piece of art, which was written on a 15 minute train ride from the uptown part of the Bronx where his girlfriend resides to the rough area of South Bronx, was a spoken word piece primarily about the troubles and influences common people were unaware of and the interactions between one another.

Oz’s views on music seasoned as he grew older and the style of music he wanted to use to express his perspective on women as well. Oz didn’t enjoy listening to music that bashed and degraded the opposite sex as now he was maturing and coming into his own not only as an artist but as a man. Oz wanted to make it a point to his listeners that he understands and fully grasp the idea of sex, but also understands the importance of it, respects the intimacy of it, as well as the mere fact that without it he wouldn’t exist. He also wants young listeners to know through his music that sex isn’t all that life has to offer.

Oz has begun work on his first mixtape entitled: “Mind Your Own”. The mixtape is 16 songs in length and due to be released by February 2012. The concept behind the mixtape is for listeners to exercise their minds and understand the messages in the music they’re listening too. Oz wants to get his listeners thinking about life and what makes it tick. “Everyone wants cars, clothes, and hoes. Nobody wants a peaceful world. I don’t blame them. I mean, if you’re taught shit, I guess in the end, a human is just a reflection of what they been exposed to, nothing more, nothing less,” Oz says when asked about the struggle people have of grasping the concept of life and separating what’s real and what’s not. ”The struggle I have is I live in a world that is diverse in ideas, and people; all focused on just one thing, making money. Money, Power, Respect. One thing leads to another. But when you value money, and cars, and clothes, and all of the non-essentials of life, you don’t need any of those things to be happy or live life like you are happy. In reality what tends to happen is you turn into a selfish human being, and you forget the position of power you hold”.

 With the 2015 year already in its second week, So Phenomenal entertainment was on fire, they recruited local area photography company Katie Kay Photography to join their team and become their resident photographer, and are in negotiations for other artists, makeup artists, fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other professionals that are the best in their industries to become involved with this upstanding movement to become one of the biggest entertainment powerhouses.  Oz and Grizelle So Phenomenal’s top artists have been working on their latest EP’s as for Pagan he started working on his newest single entitled Beautiful Symphony which features Chicago Native Houston.  He has also been in works for many philanthropic events for So Phenomenal Entertainment to become involved in and make a difference in the world.
In the past SPE has been involved with the Aids walk for the last three years, and with one of Pagans singles “my better half” sales from this track goes to the Love, Hope, Strength non profit which helps build cancer centers nationwide. At one point they worked with Unicef for Project Tap and there will be a large scale philontrahpic project taking place in the summer, with more details to come.
With all of these great people, events, and influences surrounding the young CEO and his company there is no doubt in my mind that this company will not succeed. If you know any young talent feel free to drop a note to the NYC Untold editors at beholdtheunderground@gmail.com and we will pass the message along to Mr. Pagan and take a look at whats going on in the So Phenomenal world.  go to https://www.facebook.com/SoPhenomenalEntertainment

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