Welcome To NYC UNTOLD    



 Art is either plagiarism or revolution. - Paul Gauguin

My entire life I’ve come to love every aspect of music, the rock the pop the mainstream but more importantly the underground. The underground was something I felt was completely overlooked and not given the same consideration as the artists that are picked up by the major record labels.  The underground was a home of the beautiful talent whether it was music, fashion, books,, as well as they lived a different life in general. 

I wanted to start NYC Untold as a home for those that do not have a voice, so the underground can feel free to express themselves in a way the mainstream media did not allow them. Through interviews, articles, and videos we can give the underground a home that it so rightfully deserves.

Welcome home everyone, lets start this year and every year right with a bang. Lets show the world that the underground deserves more of a presence and show everyone the true talent the people of the underground possess. 

– Ivy  


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