My first time taking Victor Cruz’s acting class! – by Angelica

Pleased to make your aquaintence NYC Untold, I’m super excited to finally give you a little something this beautiful new year! I’ve been a little busy with spring semester preparations, work, new year resolutions and naps but I took a few hours out of my schedule to attended an acting class in the city of dreams, New York City, this previous week. I can hear some of you now “No, no, no. Acting class? That’s not for me!” But hear me out, it not only helped me grow as an actor but also kicked the “New Year, New Me” cliche mentality – we all NEVER say 😉 – into high gear.

My dad has been asking me to attend an acting class run by his good friend Victor Cruz, an already established actor and director in the business. He’s been asking for quite honestly almost a year now and I just couldn’t seem to find the time between rehearsals and work but when he called me that Wednesday, I was eager to attend the class with him since one of my New Year Resolutions is to finally commit to the love of my life: theatre.  I couldn’t wait to go, come on now, it’s Victor Cruz.

Victor Cruz's Acting Class, NYC

Victor Cruz’s Acting Class, NYC

Wednesday night, we arrived in midtown and went up to the twelfth floor of an office building. When the elevator doors open we entered a hallway comparable to Broadway audition. It smelled of sweat, passion and was filled with the chatter of dancers, singers, and actors of all ages. I peeked into the classrooms empathizing with the girls singing their solos or trying to keep up in that beginner level dance class.

Our class commenced a little after 7 pm with about 12 people (actors, amateurs and even a contractor) standing in a circle introducing ourselves, talking our goals for 2015 and that we showed up this evening to advance ourselves through this beautiful art.

[I want to side track for a second about what the art of “acting” is because recently I’ve come to find that most have an incorrect perception of what it is to act and to be an actor. The first day of freshman year in college my acting professor defined acting as “living truely under imaginary circumstances” therefore to be a “good” actor one must know and be capable of safely exploring oneself. When an actor can be in tune with his or her self and carry that into the “imaginary world” you’ll find us pulling at your heart strings no maer how far back your seat may be. This connectedness actors posses is what draws many pedestrians to acting classes].

We clapped and laughed as we learned  about each other, even got some advice from my fellow classmate, Genesis. “Put our shit shield up” her mother tells her in face of negativity.  Victor then handed us something he wrote for us to work on during class, the first line stating “This is my year”. I know I was excited to work on this piece and it seemed everyone else in the class was just as fervent. We cold read, prepared the piece, presented and then got feedback from Victor before our second presentation. .

Victor was knowledgeable, funny, clear in his feedback and a joy to work with. It’s not easy to balance comfort and boundary pushing in an acting class but Victor Cruz succeed. I exited class with my spine a little straighter, my heart a little opener and my acting a little better. Whether you’re working on acting techniques or just want to become a better you check out his class!