From Your Fellow Greek…

Well, hello there everyone!! With the end of the Fall ’14 semester and the beginning of the Spring ’15 semester, a worldwide sensation is currently taking place; you might all be wondering with this amazing sensation is, right? Well, let me fill you all in: all of the line in the Greek World from Fall ’14 have either crossed or are about to cross. Which means it is now my favorite part of each semester… RECRUITMENT!!

Before I continue, I would like to give a big round of applause to all of those who have crossed in Fall ’14; I know it was quite a journey to get here, but you finally made it!! Welcome to the Greek World my adorable little neos! I would also like to give a special shout out to my Mr. for finally crossing & gracing me with his wonderful presence again; you were deeply missed honey bun.


Look at my baby!! Ain’t he cute?! Love you G-Quest!!

Ehem… anyways!! Since it is recruitment season (it’s actually always recruitment season; don’t get it twisted) I am going to give you a list of reasons as to why being Greek is about the best thing you can do with your college experience!! So ladies & gentlemen, I present you with… (insert drum roll here)

The Top Three Reasons Why Being Greek Is AMAZING!

Note: Greek Life is not about what you see on TV & in movies. It is more than just drinking & partying all the time (though occasionally who doesn’t enjoy a little drink and party?). Also, not all organizations haze. I repeat, NOT ALL ORGANIZATIONS HAZE.

1. Brother & Sisterhood

  • You will fight, argue, hate, & want to kill each other; you will also love and always be there for one another. What does that make you? Why, brothers and sisters of course!!
    • The foundation of each fraternity & sorority is the bond built between the brothers and sisters of each organization. In becoming apart of an organization, you are blessed with a diverse group of individuals that you now get to have by your side for the rest of your life!!


These are just a few of the lovely, goofy sisters of Phi Gamma Chi! I wouldn’t trade my sisters for the world… well maybe sometimes when they get on my nerves, but otherwise I love ’em to death regardless!

2. Social Development

  • Freshman year is such an intimidating experience. You’ve just graduated high school & you finally get to go off on your own & explore the world & its many wonders… but what do you do & who do you talk to because we all know roommates freshman year tend to suck because you don’t at all know them & you could be complete opposites. So now what? Well go Greek, my friend, & all you problems will go away!
    • Fraternities & sororities will offer you a well-rounded social life not only with those within your organization, but with people from other organizations & people with the community as well (but we’ll talk more about community involvement in just a few).
    • Organizations host millions & trillions of events that allow you to branch out & get to know people on campus who may not even be apart on Greek Life on your campus; you’re never limited to the amount of people in which you may cross paths with so be prepared to get to know all different types of people. The possibilities are endless!! (I’m corny, I know)

3. Community Engagement

  • Now let’s say you decided to go quite a distance away from home for college, you know absolutely nothing about you’re environment & the community beyond the campus’s borders; Greek Life can assist you there too! Ain’t that just dandy?! Hell yeah it is!
    • Service to the community is a founding principle of Greek Life. One day you may be at a Boys & Girls’ Club doing different types of activities & encouraging the younger generation to do what they believe in & stay true to who they are while the next you may be doing a Breast Cancer Walk around town. You not only get to become the role models for the next generation, but you get to prove to the older generation that you not only believe in a cause but that you support it.
    • In addition to that, it allows you to network with people all throughout the community; you never know who you may meet, guys! You could possibly meet the person who will be interviewing you once you get your diploma & you would never even know it! (So keep in mind that first impressions are everything!!)


Peep my beautiful sisters after the finished the Breast Cancer Walk at Manhattanville College!

With that being said, I highly encourage you to all go out & explore the different organizations on your campus! Don’t ever feel pressured to go to a specific organization; go to an organization that not only supports the same beliefs & causes that you do, but an organization that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. What you decide to do is ultimately a representation of who you are. & now I must unfortunately bid thee adieu, kiddies. Until next time!!

From Your Fellow Greek,

Aaliyah “Jam” Cardenas